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What Is Body Talk

That device in your hand or at your fingertips is a complex system that has a ton of running parts. When one aspect of the system stops operating then the whole system runs sluggishly or glitches, telling us it needs to be tuned up or cleaned out.

With modern technology we typically download a program or take it to a specialist who is able to fix the problem.

The human body, just like a computer system, has a wide variety of different systems in operation at one time and when one aspect of the system stops operating efficiently the same issues of sluggishness and glitching can occur. But, when our body’s systems are in balance we feel great and everything runs smoothly. 

Because all of our systems rely on one another to perform their roles optimally when one thing falls out alignment others soon follow. 

The difference between the human body and a computer is the body’s ability to heal itself. Our body is constantly trying to regain balance and health, and once we are aware of core imbalances we create the environment for the body to bring itself back in alignment. This is where BodyTalk can help!

Body Talk is a Quantum Medicine Modality that brilliantly blends key elements of state-of-the-art science, Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Body Psychology and Subtle Energy Balancing that unsticks the energy points in the body and allows it to heal on its own. Certified Practitioners use muscle checking and the BodyTalk Protocol chart to determine  and observe your unique priority imbalances. Once these formulas are established your body can reprioritize, release and rebalance its systems on a holistic level.

I went to see Sara with some pains in my side thinking she might be able to help. Not only did she help my pains but she has relieved so much more. She has helped me conquer fears, gain confidence, and has given me a way to approach each day with ease. 



I'm  Sara

BodyTalk has transformed Sara's life as well as the lives of her family in more ways than she can count. As a Registered Nurse for several years there was always the belief that there was something more to be understood about the innate ability of the body to heal, and how healthcare practitioners could support that ability.

It took an accident with her son that left him with Post Concussion Syndrome to be introduced to this amazing system.

Seeing the transformation in her son Sara was inspired and enthusiastically dove into Body Talk and Holistic Medicine. And, Black Feather Holistics was born! 

In the years since Black Feather’s conception Sara continues to add knowledge and tools to her practice to offer a unique and diverse healing experience.

Monthly Body Talk

Join the Body Talk Membership Group and find healing in whatever capacity YOU need. Sessions are done remotely so you can join from the comfort of your favorite cozy space.

  • 2 group sessions per month (live and recorded)
  • 2 group sessions per month (live and recorded)

    Monthly drawings for a free private session

    Group sessions offer the benefit of multiple observers which creates a greater potential for deep shifts

    Discounted private sessions for membership holders

    Access to a Private Facebook Group in which teachings, drawings, meditations and a safe space for sharing is offered.

Main Benefits

Each person is different in terms of the benefits experienced by BodyTalk. BodyTalk has been found to be very effective in addressing an impressive range of symptoms, disorders, diseases, and problems. It is noninvasive, completely painless, and safe.

Reduction In Overall Stress

Increased Energy Levels

Reduction In Pain

Improved Sleep

Better Circulation

Less Anxiety

Each time I have had a session with Sara I feel more and more like myself and more calm and connected. While the techniques might seem nontraditional the outcome is amazing. I had to approach Body Talk with an open mind and I'm so glad I did. 


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