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Personal Evolution Group

Personal Growth, Empowerment, and Evolution

It's time to step into the life you have always wanted for yourself. 

Get out of that rut that keeps holding you back.

Let's dive in and find clarity, healing, and master your life.

Find that divine power that has been elusive, just out of grasp.  

Corvus is the start of physical healing, spiritual growth, and the ticket to the life you have been waiting for.

Join me as we walk the path less traveled.

"The group sessions Sara has facilitated have been phenomenal for my mental health, as well as my physical health. Sara's is someone I continuously learn from she has opened so many doors when it comes to my spirituality, every day practices, and general mindset. I cannot recommend her enough!"

-Sarah G.

All The Details...

Find healing in whatever capacity YOU need.

Sessions are done remotely so you can join from the comfort of your favorite cozy space.

Level up every month with:

2 group sessions that offer the benefit of multiple observers which creates a greater potential for deep shifts (Value: $150/month)

Drawings for a free private session (Value: $75)

Discounted private sessions for membership holders (Value: $75)

Access to a Private Facebook Group in which teachings, drawings, meditations, and a safe space for sharing (Value: $100)

Total Value $400 per month

Join Us today for only

$55 per month

Connect with likeminded individuals, find strength in new beginnings!

Connect with likeminded individuals, find strength in new beginnings!

Empower your life through the reprogramming your internal computer system.

Grow the collective consciousness and bring a more holistic way of life into your everyday!

About Black Feather Holistics

Black Feather Holistics is looking to enhance the lives of others by holding space, educating & empowering them to reach their version of health & wellness, holistically.

Sara brings a natural intuitive gift combined with her medical background to her practice. And, she feels privileged to help find your body's priority imbalances, to re-establish communication, and to facilitate your body's own innate healing abilities.

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